Sales Force Integration through Automation Studio

This is one of my next projects and I was wondering if anyone has done this yet? We were originally going to do this through e-bridge (jitterbit) but now I’m considering using Automation Studio.

Epicor has done this (to some extent) and they will give you a copy of their recipe if you ask nicely.

CC: @timshuwy

Hi Troy.

Done it using ServiceConnect (into Epicor) and Integromat(now Make) (into SalesForce).

Can certainly share just to give you some ideas/options if your interested.


as @josecgomez said, if you purchase #automationstudio, you automatically get access to any Epicor sample recipes that we have developed. Those recipes are templates that you can download and adjust for your needs. The current SFDC recipes includes 13 different recipes to sync Customers, Contacts, Quotes, Orders, Parts, and a few other tables. In many of these cases, the recipes include bi-directional syncing, although you can turn off one of the directions if you please by not enabling it. (some companies only want Kinetic to control new customers). Contact your CAM for pricing of Connectors… To do Kinetic to SFDC, you will need TWO connectors. If you are on-prem, hidden behind a firewall, you will either need to whitelist a few IP addresses, or also purchase the On-Prem Agent option.