Sales Order Charges dissapearing when closed

Our AR has just noticed that on one sales order the charges are all at $0 while the line indeed has a total price and the release has an order quantity. After digging around a little i noticed that when i reopened the line the charges on the summary tab of the SO populate as id expect. Once the order is closed though, they disappear again. This doesn’t seem to happen on any other SO so i believe im just missing a checkbox or misunderstanding something.

Any ideas?

EDIT: im not sure if it matters but they are working from home over VPN. not sure if there could be some credential issues with accounting or whatever.

Can you replicate this with a new order or it only happens for a specific order?

By close you mean through the Actions -> Close Order menu or through some other process?

What version are you on?

I can replicate it with newer sales orders as well, but not older sales order. That makes me think something is wrong in the service or that our user who generates sales orders has unchecked something recently.

And yes closing through the actions menu. When i open the sales order in question, still no charges. When i open the line, still no charges. but when i open the release (the only release in this example) the charges appear as they should.

This also is causing an issue with invoices as they dont see correct balances since the closed SO has a charge of 0 while the invoice has the expected charge.

There are two fields on each of the OrderDtl and OrderRel tables) that affect this.

For OrderDtl: OpenLine and VoidLine
For OrderRel: OpenRelease and VoidRelease

From the Data Dictionary:


Indicates if this release is open. This is normally set to closed via the shipping program. But can be changed indirectly by the user during order entry when they “Void” the release.


Indicates if the release was voided. Voided releases items are not maintainable, can’t “unvoid”. This field is not directly maintainable. Instead the void function will be performed via a “Void Release” button. Which then presents a verification dialog box.

When an OrderRel record is ‘voided’ any outstanding inventory allocations are relieved, OrderRel.OpenRelease is set to “no” and records are created/updated in the OrdJobMsg file for all the related open OrderRel records if the OrderDtl that was tied to a Job to indicate that the line item was voided.

Which doesn’t make sense, as Order Entry only has the action to Open or Close a Line (or Release). It seems like a Release that is shipped, has its OpenRelease set to FALSE, and leaves the VoidRelease unchanged (presumably as FALSE)

If a Release wasn’t shipped, and a user chooses to close the Release - either directly Release -> Close Release, or indirectly by closing its Line or the whole order - the OpenRelease set to FALSE, and the VoidRelease is set to True.

No idea what happens if a Release was partially shipped, and then manually closed before fulfilling the release.

When you say “no charges” do you mean they don’t appear or that they are zeroed?

Also what ERP version are you using, as I remembered older versions were buggy when opening/closing lines/releases, although I think that was for Customer Credit not order charges.