Sales Order - Job Number

We have the same concern regarding change orders. One would think that
in a system where certain field of the Sales entry mean something vital
to another area, the linked fields would automatically update
throughout the system or at least prohibit those fields from being
altered until you delete the demand link or something (I prefer the
auto update throughout the system idea). Perhaps this could be an
upgrade in the future. So far, we have found no way around a change
order but to go to both the sales entry and job entry screens and make
duplicate changes and hope that everything is handled without error.
When both the sales order and the job are created from the SalesOrder,
what seems to be the fastest way if lets say a QTY Change occurs?

I myself have found 2 methods each with thier own flaws.

Method 1. Change the sales order, go into the job, unfirm, change the
quantity. (Pretty slow, and possibly prone to error)

Method 2: Change the sales order, delete the job. Recreate the job.
(This method while being much faster, recycles the job in the
scheduling queue)

Ideally, we want to have the job change automatically when the sales
order is changed. Is there any other/faster ways?