Sales Order OTS customization

Hello experts,

I need some help. So when we create SO using OTS (One Time ShipTo). It will create new shipto in customer master. And it will ask the following thing when user click save:

Now in the customization, I have button where I want to replicate the same form on the button click event. I am not able to find this. Any body knows how to get that?

Basically, I have added price list in the new ShipTo in customer with my customizaiton. And now I want to apply the same price list before Sales Order saves. So user gets the new Price list with New shipto they create.

I’m just guessing that the thread below might provide some clues, point to a general direction.
(Even though it is referencing different form/method and trying to do the opposite of what you want to).

Instead of method CheckPartChanges…CheckForOrderChanged?

After the new ShipTo is created, does the order remain as a OTS? Or does it become a “non-OTS”, using the newly created ShipTo?

I thought changing the ShipTo would automatically update prices. It would seem that the order to do things would be:

  1. New Order, use Customer’s default ShipTo.
  2. Enter lines, costs should autopoulate if price list for current shipto is set. If not, manually enter prices.
  3. Enter OTS info, with Create new shipTo. Prices remain unchanged (I think)
  4. Click custom button to do the following
    a. Create the ShipTo entry from OTS info
    b. Create price list for this new ShipTo. Either copy original one used, or make a new one based off the lines in the order.
    c. disable OTS on order
    d. Set ShipTo to the new one created.

Upon changing the ShipTo on the header, it should apply pricing based on the price list associated with that new shipto.

Hi ckrusen,

Thank you for the reply. Now the thing is it getting very tricky to change shipto via c# customization code and call the update master. The thing is when we use OTS and it create new shipto and added in SO OrderHed as well.

After that, I have done customization to add new pricelist values in that new shipto in customer which is workin fine. But the challenge is to apply that price list to the Sales Order. As the new shipto is already saved there. There is no triggering point.

Change the Header ShipTo to something else, and then back to the new one?

Is the new Price list creation process creating prices that differ from what’s currently on the order?