Sales Order Shipment Status - Classic Broken?

Good afternoon,
Today someone showed me the Sales Order Shipment Status form in Classic. They normally use the tool to see the total quantity of shipped parts in a date range. However, the date range filter seems to be broken. It will filter out any shipments past the second date, but doesn’t filter out any before the first date.

I directed the user to the new kinetic version and it seems to work (albeit clunky and slow).

Has anyone else experienced an issue with the date range filter in Sales Order Shipment Status? (Note: this is not the same as Sales Order Status.)

Is there a fix for classic, or do we just have to struggle with kinetic?

The Sales Order Shipment Status is a dashboard that you can open up, copy it (so you can review and edit)
This wouldn’t be the first time that a system dashboard was broken and had to be fixed.

I just did a quick test on a cloud install - the classic dashboard filtered correctly.