Sales Order Tracked Parts

For the repair portion of our company, we have a unique
process and need to track our parts by sales order number. The way we
accomplish this now is we create one piece orders. When we create a job for a
single order, we make the job number equal to the sales order number for easy
tracking. When we have multiple one piece orders for the same part number, we
put them all onto a single job and simply type the sales order numbers into the
job comments. This is very time consuming when trying to retrieve information
and makes room for data entry errors.


The problem is we can’t use serial tracking and can’t force
all jobs to only have a single order on them. One suggestion was to make a
custom field called SO Tracked on the part table and a UD field or table for
the job’s sales orders. Any time a job has a SO Tracked part on it, force the
users to select one sales order number per quantity of parts on that job.


solution is simple but very loose and I foresee many customizations being
needed in order to tighten this up. Does anyone have a different / more robust