Sales Rep Assignment by customer

Is there a way to assign multiple sales persons to an Order or Invoice based on Customer?

Right now we assign a sales person to (say a sales order) and then add the other sales people as required by customer.

We are looking for a solution to assign multiple sales people (with splits ) for each customer.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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You could use territories to accomplish this. Your territories do not have to be location based. When you set up the territories you can add a primary sales rep and secondary ones. That might be the easiest.

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We have added a second sales person field to the customer master.
In our case we have an inside sales person and outside sales person assigned to a customer.
If you added these UD fields to the customer, you could then build a BPM to pull that data into the order.


Mr. John: Thank you for the suggestion. We had not thought of the “Territory” construct.

That would work to assign multiple sales people. However we would have to come up with some other way of assigning the rates and splits for each sales person per customer.

We are thinking maybe a UD Table?


This is also how I used to do it. I didn’t create the BPM, but I saw that it was there and it was doing this.

@DaveOlender, can you use the Role Codes to define the commission %?

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and @bboes gave a good solution also.

Mr. John: Interesting suggestion. I suppose that could work.

I think adding a UDxxx Table will end up being our best solution.


Exhaust the built in functionality where you can. I am not sure there is any to add a second sales rep. I heard it reported that if you have a task on your quote it will add that assigned to person to the list of sales reps as well. I don’t like the idea of having to add a task to get a second salesperson though.

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