Sales Tax / Use Tax Reconciliation Report for Avalara


Does anyone have a report they run to reconcile avalara data with epicor data?

We are trying to ensure that our sales, state by state, match up with what Avalara has as our sales state by state.

Didn’t know if there was something already built in that y’all were running or if you had to build from scratch.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


You can use the Tax Reconciliation report, good luck using the filter for tax types!

I have created a few dashboards for this, don’t have them handy for you but it wasn’t too bad.

Hey @utaylor, I’m willing to share the attached BAQ “as is”, and I ask only that you (and anyone else) critique it and provide feedback. I’ve tweaked it numerous times, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s error-proof!
EconomicNexus.baq (106.8 KB)

Thanks Bryan, what if everything is non-taxable? We would still want to see the sales there even though no taxes were charged. I am not sure if the tax reconciliation report is capable of showing all sales, it seems it is only showing taxes, is that correct?

Scott I appreciate it greatly, we are doing the same thing. You would think they would have something already made.

Scott, would you be able to elaborate why you have different subqueries for different MISC charges and why you have one subquery specific to a product group?

If you are using this for an audit or review, you are going to want to review all sales.

I appreciate it Bryan, we are not using it for one yet, but trying to build something in anticipation of that where we are asked to provide data that backs up what we have filed.

We are using Avalara to file, but we aren’t going to blindly trust that everything is coming over correctly and for this reason we are looking for a report that shows what should be in Avalara.