SalesForce integration modifying UOM Conversion field

We have a SalesForce integration and recently turned on a trace log to try and figure out why our UOM conversion factor numbers were being changed every night.

The log files point to a user we setup for SalesForce integration.

Just wondering if anyone out there has seen or heard of this happening.

FYI - the part numbers updated have the “IsUsed” checkbox turned on - so I would think that would rule out BPM’s that use BO’s? (maybe?).

Thanks for any feedback on this

@DaveOlender what about writing a BPM against the Update() and logging any context values that might give more clues?

Mr. Chris: Thank you for the suggestion - we turned on the Epicor and SQL logging and we can see the user we setup for SalesForce is the user that made the changes.

Thanks again,

A few weeks ago I had a 10.1 client that went live and was using the Datix Unity Salesforce integration and they were experiencing the same thing.
The timing of your post makes me suspect we share the same client.
If not, then we have two cases of this behavior.
That I have heard, my client has not ID’d a solution, but I will double check.

Mr. Rick: I suspect you are right – is your customer in the Chicago area? If so – then we share a customer.


We had this issue Datix was able to track it to a bug and they’re fixing it.