SalesKits EpiBinding

How would we link/bind the SalesKits table to the QuoteDtl table? This is my first time seeing the EpiBinding table different than the DB field and what does this mean? There isn’t a table called SalesKit so how do we link to that SalesKits table?


sales kit is a type of part. Depending on what you are trying to do, you would link to the part table. Kits have a revision and then a Method, which stores the kit components in the partmtl table.

Sales kit components are stored in quotedtl. There is a flag that identifies the line as a member of the kit

When the EpiBinding and DB fields differ, it is because the binding is actually pointing to a data view and not a DB table. Sometimes there isn’t even a value in the DB table field.

I don’t know about quotes, but in an order, adding a part of type sales kit sets the OrderDtl.Partnum to the SK part, and adds additional OrderDtl lines for each component of the SK.

For example, if line 2 of the order was for a SK item with 5 components, the SK would take up OrderLine(s) 2-7. Lines 3-7 won’t show on the slime detail or list sheets. You have to use the SK sheet to see the components. A “3rd” line of the order would actually have an OrderLine of 8.

There are a few fields in OrderDtl (and I assume in QuoteDtl) with “SalesKit” in the name. These indicate if the line is actually part of a sales kit or not. If it is, the line containing the parent of the component is indicated.