SalesOrder.CopyOrder Method - Directive to copy OrderDtl.QuoteNum &

I recently upgraded to 407C in a test environment and will be using the SalesOrder.CopyOrder function quite a bit in our daily order entry process. We configure about 75% of our parts that we sell so we store the manufacturing details in the quote and get details from the quote when we create a job. Also, we have a significant number of UDF's in the QuoteDtl table that we are pulling into the JobHead table via a JobEntry.Update directive. This BPM requires the QuoteLine and QuoteNum to be in the OrderDtl so it can find the correct record. So, when we duplicate an order it would be great to copy the QuoteLine and QuoteNum to the new record.

Does anyone have a Directive that they are using to do this? If so, I would return the favor if I can help in anyway.