Salesperson Workbench and Territory Security

We have a user who is the primary sales rep for Territory T3

When she tries to access order 38189 in Order Entry, she gets a business logic error that says “You are not authorized to view sales order 381489 because of territory security.” This is good because the territory associated with that order is T2.

However, when she goes to the Salesperson Workbench, the line item detail IS there.

How is this possible??? Does the Salesperson Workbench have to be secured differently from Order Entry?

Possibly relevant stuff:

  • In Company Configuration | Modules | CRM | Detail, the “Territory Security on Sales Orders” checkbox IS checked.

  • The UserID is the default user of WorkForce03 and is not an authorized user on any other work force record.

  • WorkForce03 is primary rep on T3 and is not authorized on any other territory.

Can anyone explain how the territory security works (I thought I understood it until the order showed up in the Salesperson Workbench…)


I’ve been battling this recently (some posts on here as well last year) and I think you’ve got it set up correctly and you understand that auth user also plays into it.

Can I ask what version you are on? I know that in 10.1.500.x, this was broken and there were some holes in Terr Security. Not sure that we experiences your issue though. It seems to be fixed in 10.2.300.x (we upgraded a little while ago).

Maybe we need to upgrade again?

Might be a good idea to stand up another DEV instance with 10.2.400 and see if it is fixed.
Wish I could be of more help.

Mike -

Epicor support is telling me that the Salesperson Workbench is

“where salespersons are created, on that screen only the setup users should have access. The fact that a person belongs to a salesperson (workforce) does not mean that they have access to that screen or that should have access.”

Is this consistent with your experience-- that the Salesperson Workbench is not viewed by Salespeople? This looked like a good tool for the Salespeople, provided we can limit their viewing to only their accounts…

First thing is that we recreated the SWB to better suit our purposes and to speed things up. But having said that, our understanding is that the SWB is THE tool for SalesPersons to view everything about ‘their world’ inside Epicor. If you have Territory security turned on, they will only see their customers (based on customer territory) and those related transactions.

Also, been looking through my old EpicCare cases and this is more complicated than I remembered. For examples

  • Customer records that are Ship-To’s for other customers cannot be seen if they are not in the right territory (sounds weird but we do this for specific reasons like OEM’s), and
  • the security wasn’t working on the Quote/Order Trackers but was working on Quote/Order Entry - which sounds like your issue. The SWB uses the same system ‘z’ queries as the trackers.

In July of 2018, we submitted a case and got Development Task TASK6812323 based on Problem PRB0204032. This tracked into a fix - ERPS-93766 which looks to have been added to the 300 release (and forward).

That’s all I got for you on this one :slight_smile:

Thanks. Will check the tracker vs. entry vs. workbench.

Totally get the Ship To v. customer thing. We have to address that as well.

Waiting to see if Epicor really meant that salespeople were not expected to view the SWB.

Following up on this, now that we are on 10.2.700.6. Nothing has changed. When I try to access an order through Order Tracker, I get this message:


However I can immediately log into the Salesperson Workbench and access the order and get all the information I want out of the SPWB.


And to continue the folly… it does still say that I am not authorized to view the order (when I try to Open with…), even though the SPWB is presenting me with all the information.


Just in case anyone was interested…