can someone offer some advice about using the salvage feature on job
material? (or even tell me if i should be trying to use it). we have a
battery pack we built for a customer and for whatever reason we have
accepted the packs back as a return. the packs are now worthless, but the
battery cells in the packs are expensive and can used in other assemblies.
i have 90 completed packs in stock as a result of the credit i cut the
customer. i'd like to set up a job to consume the 90 packs and return 180
cells to stock. do i set up the cell part number as the top assembly part
(the cell is normally a "stocked, purchased" part) on the job with .5 of the
pack per unit as material on the job? or is the assembled pack considered
material for the job and then i use the "salvage" feature for that material
line? if the "salvage" feature is the thing to use, what should we use as
the top assembly number (i tried just using a made up part number on the
job, but the system yakked at the warehouse stocking location input)?

any comments and advice would be appreciated,

james martin
I would approach it like this. Create a new part master record for the
returned packs. (different than the virgin pack) Then create a bill of
material using those returned packs and all the associated costs that go
into recovering them. (I'm assuming some recovery is required) make that a
sub assembly of the final part (Your virgin packs) then include or exclude
as required. Doing this will (A.) accumulate costs of recovery and (B) put
it back into normal recovery.

Shirley H. Graver
Systems Administrator
Rubber Associates Inc. (Certified to QS9000/ISO9002)
Cleveland/Akron, Ohio

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