I have never used salvage in the system so I am wondering if this is possible. I have read through Help and in my testing it has not worked they way it seems like it should.

We are attempting to bring a material part back into inventory automatically when the parent part is received into inventory. We have a protective cap (material part) that is used throughout the manufacturing process for a parent part and when that parent part is received into inventory we want that protective cap returned to inventory as its own original part number, it is not consumed in the production process and is used many times again.

The part is setup as a Quantity Bearing Stock Part and on the Job for the material I made the Salvage part the same Part Number and the same Qty/Per and it pulls from Inventory. We do not back flush we issue materials to the job. I issued the parts to the Job prior to the Job being run and after being released. I ran the job through each operation claiming the quantity at each operation and when completed received the Parent Part into inventory. It was at this point I expected to see the Salvaged Part returned to Inventory Per Help “As the manufacturing process produces job quantities, the salvage part quantity created from the linked material is received to inventory”

I feel I might be missing some setup but cannot seem to find out where.


I would be mindful of automating it as caps may get damaged and not go back, which would result in incorrect stock figures.
I can see two options, one a UD field on the job where a quantity is entered for the number of caps to go back and a BPM to handle it.

Or if you have the licence you could try co parts, where the lid is a cop part, then on the job receipt, you can do the receipt for the caps after the main part


Thanks, reading up on co-parts may be the way to go, I will test that process.

As far as salvage, would you have any idea why this part did not go into inventory when the parent part was received to inventory, I would still like make that functionality work and possibly use it in other areas of our production process.



I was unaware it could be automated, I thought it only worked from Job Receipt to Salvage.


I might be reading help the wrong way, Job Receipt to Salvage may be the way they are intending in their wording.