Same Cost even though BOM Cost in Different Divisions are different

So i have 3 divisions, the part cost in division 1 is $15, the part cost in division 2 is $15 but it should be $10.

When i got to engineering workbench, i see the cost in division 1 be $15 and in division 2 be $10. Why is division 2 picking up the same cost in Stock Status and Cost adjustment even though in engineering workbench i see the cost is different? Can i have 2 different FG cost for same part number in 2 divisions?

Be very careful using the SSR for inventory value. The QOH are accurate, but costs arent always correct. Especially the fact that the unit costs arent date aware. If you run SSR with an older date, it shows the qtys as they were on that date, but it uses the current cost.

You are better off making a BAQ report to report inventory values and part costs.

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