Same File Name Different Extensions

Does anyone know of a setting in ECM that allows you to upload the same file name as long as it is a different file extension?

can you not already do this? How are you uploading?

We’ve uploaded the same document more than once (directly in the ECM UI) and each upload gets a different document ID unless you specifically get the versioning piece involved.

Drag and drop.

We did not have any issue in the old environment E10 and v17. But users are reporting errors trying to upload files with the same name but different file types. The user put spaces in the name to get them to go. See below.


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aye - from inside the Classic ERP UI that looks like. (Not using the Kinetic forms, and not in the ECM UI)

What version are you in now? (you mentioned E10/v17 as old Environment and your tag stlil says 10.2.500)

We’re at 11.1.25 and v22, and I just dropped three docs, same name diff extensions onto a quote without issue.

I dragged them on this screen, not the TreeView - let me try that.

Yep, dropping on the Tree View under the Quote Documents node works just fine.

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Yes, drag and drop does not work in the web UI, so that user is still using the client. We have only 4 licenses for ECM, so everyone interacts only through Epicor.

We are 2022.1.11 SaaS gov cloud and v22.1.81 on prem now.

Thanks for checking. I will do some testing on my end and see if it continues to happen. If it does, I will open a ticket with ECM to see if it is potentially a setting somewhere.

No problem, happy to help