Save custom CheckBox Parameter value as Default


I have added a new checkbox parameter to the Material Queue Report, everything works fine.

I save the CheckBox selection as a default using the Save Default Values option from the options menu, but when I open this report again, the value has changed to its original value.


Any ideas how to achieve this?

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As this is a custom field, it is not included in the set of default values you can control. I would use the customization layer and add a form load method in which you can set the field to true with something like checkboxname.Checked = true;

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The problem here is that we do not want the same behavior always and that way it would always be selected when the form is opened, we need to control when it is necessary to select or deselect this check box and be able to save it.

Sorry, had missed your reply. What you could maybe do instead is to create a ud code that would correspond to your parameter, then have a bpm check the value of the UD code and populate the checkbox based on the result. If the value needs to be modified, have the UI write to the ud codes table and that should solve your issue.