Save Layout on grid not working (Custom App)


I created an app (Erp.UI.App) via Application Studio that calls some BAQ and put the data in some grids. I want to be able to personalize them (show/hide columns and resize the column size. I see that I have the option (Since I checked the necessary parameters in Application Studio, grid resizeable, etc.) but everytime I refresh my screen, I see that my personnalisation wasn’t saved

What can I do? If I go into a normal Epicor screen and do the same , it works so I wonder if it’s a setting I forgot somewhere or if it’s simply not possible for custom apps?


Did you figure this out?
Im facing the same exact problem.

Unfortunately no. We just upgraded our test environment in 2023.1 yesterday and I just tried it on my custom app and it’s still not working

I got it working for me. Keep in mind that im still learning Kinetic and probably doing something wrong.
But i guess we have similar setup in our dashboards. What i did i accidentaly added a column, didnt fill any fields there. After publishing it it instanty displayed my saved personalizations correct. Had to do this for both of the grids i had in my dashboard.
So without any defined columns in app studio, it doesn’t work?