Saving Time/timestamp to UD table

Hello there,
I have a BPM that writes into a UD tabel whenever ReportQty is triggered. This is run every hour and we would like to track at what times the quantity is reported, and later to do calculations on it in BAQs. For example, how many quantities are completed in that period of time?

I tried to save Now() to the Date01 (marked as datetime) in BPM, but it only saved the date. I then tried saving Now() to a Character01 field and it saves it correctly (e.g. 6/6/2023 6:15:43 AM), but now it is in string and I am not sure how to process these.

So I wonder if you guys know how I can either:

  1. Save the datetime in a datetime format
  2. save the date and time separately
  3. Convert the string to date and time in the BAQ
  4. any other ideas?

Thank you much!

The dates we have in the UD tables are just dates (format is Date). You can add a new field in the UD table with type DateTime and it will do what you want.


This is what I would do, however, we also have older stuff where we stored it the way epicor
does it.

You store the date in one field, and use a numeric field to store the seconds after midnight.

You then have to put them back together.

It’s a pain in the ass.

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I will try this one, thanks for the replies!