SBServer 4.5 Delrina

Like any of us need more stuff to do, but I keep a simple (5-page)
document that I call a "Rolling Three-Year Technology Plan" that's mainly
aimed at the non-technical types that sketches out the direction for our
technology purchases.
Like Wayne Cox said in an earlier post to this thread, you can't
expect hardware to stretch for 5 years, and it's foolish to even predict
what systems we'll buy in 2005. Thus, I define what I can (i.e. no monitors
smaller than 17 inches) and leave the rest as a dollar target rather than a
technology target. That means I don't say "Our standard machine will be a
3.5 GHz processor," I say "we will purchase current technology with a target
price of $1,850." In my experience the machine you can get for that price
tracks pretty well with the technology curve... Not too far behind the peak,
and still a good value.
The non-techs like the dollar targets. Just my $0.02.

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Good advice! I've spent a lot of time convincing upper management here that
we need to rotate hardware upgrades on a three-year schedule. This includes
workstations as well as servers. I do still have some 8 year old printers,
but they're a different story-run great using HP SeriesII drivers:) I
finally pointed out that they buy a new delivery truck every three years-and
it costs a lot more than upgrading (read: replacing) 10 work stations. It's
the "fleet" mentality-after the computer equivalent of 250,000 miles, it
costs more to repair than replace.