Schedule COA Dynamic Segment Value Update to run everyday for all companies

We would like to schedule the COA Dynamic Segment Value Update process to run everyday for all the companies that we have. Kindly guide us on how to achieve this.

Thank you

As far as my knowledge goes you cannot sync dynamic segment across other companies, it only happens with controlled segments.

Hi, the segments are company specific. We would like to run the process for each company separately everyday…


Hi, we managed to schedule the process for one company. Instead of doing the same process for each company, is there a way to shedule the process for all the companies at once?

I did work for a company that had 23 companies. For the handful of companies that had very active inter-company transactions, we had scheduled Dynamic Segment Values to run every 5 minutes. For the other companies, it was a nightly process. The process is company-specific, since your COA are company-specific. This was back on 10.2.400, perhaps things change on more recent versions but doubt it.