Scheduled BAM Alert V8.03

We have an email alert that is triggered on a BPM by running a specific BAQ Export Process (doesn't have to be related)... any good?

This might seem odd, but I want an email alert to happen at a specific time everyday, instead of being synchronous with the BAM.

I made a BAM to send an email to the Project Manager alert whenever a packer's status changes to 'SHIPPED' or when the tracking number changes.  This creates lots of emails, and I'd rather just have one email go out to each Proj Manager, at the end of the day.

What I'd like is to be able have a BAM run at a scheduled time each day.  The Alert uses a .P program that dynamically builds the alert on the fly, so I don't even need any of params passed to it. 

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance,