Scheduled WIP Reports Fail

I have 5 WIP reoports scheduled to run. Each report is for a plant. The one always runs and the other four always fail. The error message says (I replaced the userID with THISUSERID):

Error: The COSAndWIP:::::: is locked by THISUSERID on 12/01/20 0 [Status: Posting].

Does anyone have any insight on this? This wasn’t a problem until we upgrade to 10.2.600.4



are you trying to run them all at the same time? WIP Report runs internal processes that are going to lock stuff up. You have to run them one after the other in a process set.

Yes they are running simultaneously. I was trying to find a technique to stagger them in one schedule and didn’t see one that was obvious.

Use a process set to run them one after the other


Okay bug in Epicor…yeah.

The issue you are reporting is being reviewed by development under PRB0226212 - ERPS-144605
Running multiple WIP reports at the same time generates error that COSAndWIP is locked.

Interesting… COS WIP is a pretty intensive process, how that’s not a working as designed is beyond me. I consider a lot of stuff in Epicor to be bugs but me personally would not count this as one and am surprised they are. Weird.

That is… unless they want to replace with a more appropriate error such as “Inventory/WIP Rec already running” or something similar to errors when trying to run PO Suggestions while MRP is running.