Scheduling in Job Entry

Hopefully someone else has had this problem....When you enter a new
job and click on the schedule button it takes 45 seconds to a minute
for the scheduling screen to appear so that the job can be scheduled.
This procedure used to be instantaneous. Has this happened to anyone
else and what did you do to fix the problem. Tech support says we
should reindex and we may have corruption on the database. I am
really not happy about reindexing...only as a last resort. Any help
would be appreciated.

Nancy Schultz
GTR Mfg Corp.
Has anyone had problems with Job Scheduling (drop down menu)in V5.0?
It is currently taking anywhere from one minute to sometimes 2 or 3
minutes when you click on the the drop down menu to proceed. I was
told this is a corruption in the database. Anyone ever have this

N. Schultz