Scheduling issue

Epicor version: 9.05.701

I have just raised the above job and scheduled it.
We have all parts in stock.
Required by date set to 14/04 (should be able to build it within a week).

Scheduled forward starting today.
Not Override Material Constraints (shouldn’t need to since we have everything).
Not Finite Capacity (we’ll fit it on a bench somewhere).
Scheduler sets start date to 28 June to be completed 29 June. Why?

Build time = 6.5 hrs
Test time = 1.25 hrs
Final Assembly time = 0.5 hrs

Any ideas?

We tried going through deleting one component at a time and rescheduling to see where the problem lay.
It seems that W1457 (with a 74 day lead time) is holding us up. After deleting this part from BoM we can start the job 17 April - still not tomorrow as I would have hoped.
I still do not understand why this is since we have stock.

Some ideas:
Do you have any kit time or receive time on any parts/ plants/part classes?
Do you have any queue time or move time setup on any resource/groups?
Are your materials all showing due dates (timephase) when your first operation is due to start?
Are materials being supplied from inventory, not purchase direct or make direct?
Do you have any calendar setup/workdays issues?
Have you tried “remove from schedule” and then reschedule and get same results?
Does looking at the job via the job scheduling board provide any clues? See screenshot for looks of queue hours.

Do you have a receive time built into the main part going into stock. I have seen this before and it is usually due to the receive time or as the Other Nancy stated it might be the queue. Also, you stated that a specific part has a 74 day lead time, Try and change that lead time to maybe 72 or 70 and then reschedule the job to see if that helps.

Thank you Nancy and Mark, - i’ll report back when the user has tried your suggestions.

I said i would report back on this for completeness…

My colleague’s comments are as follows:

There was no queue time or receive time involved – at least not differently to all other jobs. Leadtime of parts should have had no bearing whatsoever as we had plenty of stock.

Job now shows shortages since other jobs have been kitted in the meantime and scheduled date looks more reasonable at 22 May.
Tis interesting that it can complete significantly sooner with bits missing than it could with no shortages…

I agree that the lead time of parts should have no bearing because of having plenty in stock. You stated earlier that Part # W1457 seems the be the hold up. Check that part on the job, is it by chance setup as a make direct part? Look in the job details > Material > Details tab and part way down look in the from location. If the Make direct box is checked that might be the problem. You can un check this box then the material will want to pull from inventory.
Nancy Markiewicz

Hi Nancy,

Please see below…it seems it wasn’t.

This one has me stumped. Did you check the operations on this job? Is it possible one of the operations was setup incorrectly that would throw this schedule off so much?

have you looked at time phase relating to part W1457. You said you had plenty of stock, but what if other jobs have dibs on this first and essentially you don’t have stock??

its an odd one, operations all seem fine