Scheduling limit of 90 days

We are looking to use MRP but seem to have hit an issue where jobs cannot be scheduled if there is a part lead time of 90+ days. From our logs it shows the calculation well enough:

Checking stocked material constraint for operation 20 material 520-003-022 for 18/12/2019. --- Check_Mtl_LeadTimes
09:38:31                 	Running atp for start date of  18/12/2019 qty 2.00000000 LeadTime 08/05/2020. ATPMtl count =0. --- StockedMaterial
09:38:31                 	OnHandQty= 0.00 . --- GetSchedAtp
09:38:31                 		SENDING TO LEAD TIME - Available quantity after prior requirements = -2.00 lesser than qty needed (2.00). Prior demand = (2.00) --- GetSchedAtp
09:38:31                 	Ran atp   08/05/2020 . --- StockedMaterial
09:38:31                 Stocked material for operation 20 material 520-003-022 is avail 08/05/2020 0  . --- Check_Mtl_LeadTimes
09:38:31                 Material constraints bumped start date from 18/12/2019 to 08/05/2020 0. --- CreateAllocationBlock

The last two lines shows correct as with the lead time as 120 we are expecting the purchased part in May of 2020. The job is created but cannot be scheduled. If the leadtime is less than 90 it will schedule. Is there a horizon/window I’m missing?

I think it’s the rough cut horizon in company configuration

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the response.

Just checking now and the rough cut horizon is on site maintenance and set at 5 (odd value I know but we’re doing lots of troubleshooting on this issue).

If we set all lead time to less than 90 (we’re using 79 days to help stand out on the reports) then all schedules fine. Set any purchased part to 90+ and the job just won’t schedule.