Scrap closing to Variance

I am researching variance and I have always found scrap in the variance account. On the DMR the reason code for rejection is set for our scrap account but on occasions we have some close to variance. This understates our scrap and overstate our variance. I can make a manual adjustment but these little nuances are a pain. Any idea?

Confirm the GL Controls are set for all Reason Codes. Also, review the “Inventory Transaction Hierarchy” Tech Ref, to see how the GL Acct to use is selected. It’s laid out by TranType

For example:

Everything is setup correctly and yet we still have some process through to our variance account.

Can you narrow it down to specific conditions that make it go to VAR vs your Scrap acct?

Is it reproducable?

What PartTran Type is causing it?

This is the issue. Let me find some transactions for example.

I am sorry for the long gap. Can I resurrect this?

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