Scrap Reporting within an Operation

I was wondering if anyone out there would care to give some examples
of how your organization reports scrap from operation to operation.

It is possible for us to introduce a sub-assembly at the second
operation of the process and at the third operation introduce an
additional sub-component and then scrap what is being produced as
well as the sub-assembly. The final operation may be the forth

We also may have sub-assemblies on a BOM and not scrapped at any
operation and only scrap the product being produced.

So I was wondering how you folks keep track of your scrap and the
appropriate cost so you can re-allocate your wip to an appropriate
scrap account.

I know Vantage has the this-level and lower-level costs but not costs
tracked from operation to operation.

Please let me know if you have any comments on this subject. I would
appreciate it!!!


Mary Olson