Screen Popping Out

I have one CSR that every time they open sales order or anything else, the screen separates into two and you have to double click the blue top to get it back in place. I’ve tried removing their personalizations, reset the home page layout, and am at a loss on what to do next. Ideas?

Does it happen on a different PC if the user logs in? If a different user logs in on this users machine does it happen under their user account?

No, just that pc. And I have had this pc wiped clean and everything reinstalled. Its only 6 months old, bought brand new. I’m thinking some setting is out of whack. Just do not know what it could be.

You happen to have a screenshot of this?

This happens to me alot as well over RemoteApp. Maybe adjust the mouse sensitivity? It tends to move if you happen to be moving your mouse while simultaneously clicking the tab. If this truly is every time, can you try opening the app in base mode?

Actually, I figured this out this morning. The mouse was double clicking for one click. So, the screen kept popping out. Now it’s working correctly!