Search Panel not returning results


Has anyone ever seen an issue of not being able to get results when they search in their “search panel”? It works for me (per screenshot) but not a few other users. They have all the same security setup. I’m scratching my head as to what might cause that. It was working for them at one point.

I’ve never seen this. One thing you could try is to see if you are able to drag the right of the screen over to the left. Alternately deleting the folder under C:\ProgramData\Epicor\ with the app server name usually fixes corruption in main menu layout.

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Clearing client cache and deleting folders under C:\ProgramData\Epicor\ from the user machine may fix this issue.

Hi Pete,

Did you ever figure out the resolution to this issue? Seeing same problem here, cleared cache and deleted folder under C:\ProgramData\Epicor\ but the issue persists.


Hi Dan,

It has been so long that I cannot remember exactly what resolved it, but I do know it was something simple and basic with user security. Once I made a few tweaks it resolved the issue. Sorry for not having more detail.


Go to Menu Maintenance and find the folder “Main Menu” and make sure it is set to Allow for All Users. If I recall back in the days Epicor ignored Main Menu and during a 10.2.600+ upgrade it honors it now, so people are noticing it who dont belong to a security group.

Just make sure its Allowed for All users.

That was it, thank you sir.