Search-show multiple field result


Let’s say on sales order entry I want to select a particular project + phase (if any).

  1. Display BAQ results
  2. Select 1 row
  3. Return both Project ID and Project Phase (or null in case of no phase)

What would be the best way forward to select 1 row from a grid and return more than 1 field value from the selected grid row?

This should help

search-show does not return the required information. Because “Like” is set to Project.ProjectID the selected Project record is returned and not the content of the selected BAQ row.

The BAQ is for display purposes only to select a particular Project record.


What I need is the content of the selected BAQ row regardless the project record.

Bind the grid to a dataview.
Then you can use multiple fields as you please.


How do I bind my search-show BAQ search type to a dataview?


You have conflicting information here.
You say:

and also

Which is it?

I have a search-show that displays a BAQ search type grid from which I select one row as a search result.

Read through this. The thread is about a Quick Search, but the same principle applies to a BAQ search.

Multi-Value Quick Search - Search-Value-Set - Kinetic 202X - Epicor User Help Forum (

Read that thread, but does not bring a solution for this particular instance. There is no working “Like” for ProjectPhase. As the BAQ displays related data that cannot be connected to only the Project record there is no reliable lookup.

If there would be a selected row indicator for ErpSearchResults that would solve it, but that does not exist as fas as I can see.

Probably this ends up creating a slider panel that displays a BAQ grid and create my own lookup and select. Then I can return whatever I need. It is just more work to do.

Would be nice, wouldn’t it?
@bconner why isn’t that a thing? We have to jump through tons of hoops to return selected values from Quick and BAQ searches.

This is probably the way. I’m struggling to think of a way to filter down ErpSearchResults when the second key you need doesn’t exist in the search generated from the “Like”.