SEARCH - Where Part Description Contains not returning record

Our part description is:

ALUMINUM, 6061-T6, ANGLE, 2.5" X 3" X .125"

When users search using any of the following criteria the record is not returned. WHY?


In all cases the users select to return all records. Records are returned, just not the one in question. The record only shows up when users don’t provide any search criteria except to return all records and then to find it, they have to Export to Excel and filter there.


What happens if you include the comma?

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Wow! It showed up! :confused:

Why would a comma be required in this case, but not others. For example, the record with the part description ALUMINUM, 6061-T6, ANGLE, 2" X 2" X .125" shows up using the previously metioned search criteria without a comma.

Naive programming on Epicor’s end.

I would remove the commas from the descriptions and report it to Epicor as a bug.

I’ve already reported it to Support but all they keep doing is providing links to KB articles that do not address the issue.