Season Greetings

So it’s that time of the year we sit back and reflect on our successes (and our failures), take a moment and reset for the up coming next twelve months.

It’s also time to thank all who have contributed and taken the time to help, not only helping the people that frequent E10 help, but the whole Epicor customer base in an indirect fashion.

Thank you all. EpiUsers.Help…I really can’t think of a more appropriate name. I have learnt a lot, and only hope to contribute more in the future.

Thanks again, Stay safe and enjoy the Holiday Season. Looking forward catching up with you at Insights 2020, all things going to plan.

By the way the was the temperature in my shed at 8pm this evening, enjoy the cool of a white Christmas :slight_smile:


You coming this year @Hally

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Hi All (My lovely far distance colleagues),

It is my last working day before Christmas, so I wish you all a very Happy Holiday season, fabulous Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year


I wonder what @timshuwy is up to this time of the year.

That is the plan…


May the holiday season end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. mele Kalikimaka!

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No Palmtrees here but it was definately hot here today…Tomorrow, back to 19 degrees (66 for non decimalarians)… More Gumtrees swaying actually

Merry Christmas @Hally glad to see the fires down there is Auz’land haven’t threatened you and yours. If you want to escape the heat you can come up and visit. :wink:

My eldest headed down to East Gippsland on the weekend with part of his Fire Brigade. There are 8 emergency warnings in place with 1000 Firefighters attending. Yesterday was predicted to be the worst weather conditions since Black Saturday…42 degrees. Overnight we have had a cool change and this morning on my way to work is was wet and a cool 14 degrees…Probably not enough to help the fires much though.

I hope your eldest and the rest of the Firemen stay safe and return home soon. Hopefully the weather will continue to cool off for you too.

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