Security Access Maintenance - Typo's in 5.0

I have review the new security codes and changes and have found two items to
beware of:

TAX REGION master file listed under:
A/P uses security code SEC246 (Sales Order BackLog)
A/R uses security code SEC426 (Tax Region)
I believe the A/P Master File Listing for TAX REGION has a typo which
selects the Sales Order Backlog Security.

Under Executive Analysis/Trackers/Receipt Tracker
This was assigned security code SEC056 (System Utilities) not SEC506 Receipt
I believe this also to be a security code typo by epicor.

Both of these can be viewed under "Security Access Maintenance".
Both of these have SECURITY FROZEN in the menu structure maintenance.

I have not tried to but I think all you have to do to correct them in delete
them and read them to the menu structure if you feel its an issue. Otherwise
issuing access to one gives access to the other items under that code.

Patrick Winter
sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
Vantage 5.00.317, Progress 9.1a