Security Groups/Users limited menu item access

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In case it helps anyone else… many times I also go to the program that’s opened and go to the Help / About Epicor / system Info / Software environment tab to see which Process ID has been called to open the program (screenshot 1). When the security is assigned in the menu to that one (screenshot 2), it opens the customization associated and used the security id assigned.




Tim I agree that is the Best Way,

Entry = “Entry_Sales”, “Entry_AR”, “Entry_JobMngt”
Tracker View = “View_Sales”
To secure entry forms = “Sec_PartEntry”, “Sec_POApproval” etc
Any “field” level security BPMs we make we have “Field_xyz” groups for as well.

The prefixes make the security groups ordered when viewing them in User maintenance.

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One Note - Whenever you create a Dashboard or UD Entry Screen… Always create a new and Unique Security ID for it. I name mine USEC100… USEC101… USEC102.


We’ve always done this also using a unique security ID something like UD1234. Any reason for going this route?

And because I love to drag up old posts.

Once again it’s not until you drill down into minutia that you find some interesting stuff.
You can use the DMT to import menu security, but if you are extracting from another system (eg. test) you will need to swap out the comma separated list to a tilde ~ one. You can use the SDU_Tools Translate function to do that.

You only need SecCode and AllowAccess fields. BUT you can also create a solution and grab the security from there as well, interestingly the contents of the solution look exactly as results of a Select * query, but it also gives you the menu item name so you can pluck away and only create a solution for the menu items you want.

Anyway I hope someone finds that useful.

I do a paste update from Excel on the security table in menu maintenance.I practice in a test db to make sure my ducks are in a row & backup the database before (just in case!). It’s worked well for me.

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We are just starting to implement Epicor. I can find very little on any Security classes that are available. Do you know of any security classes and how I would go about getting one.

Thank You