Selection Criteria for BAQ

I created a selection drop down as shown below.

The problem I have the selection for DT still brings up NDT.
Is there a way to have only DT display?

Thanks in Advance.

Miguel Lopez

Within the BAQ Designer? Or in an updateable dashboard?

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This is within BAQ and I need to be able to select DT but I still get NDT when I select DT.

Thanks in Advance.


Can you try changing the order of the parameter list saving the baq parameters, save the BAQ exit the BAQ designer and open it again? It sounds like you are having some sort of caching issue. You are on a very old version so it may be you are experiencing an undocumented feature that many of us cannot recall having.

Take a look at the KB and peruse it there may be some information there, or try creating a new simple baq and test it to see if you can replicate the issue. If you can’t then I’d be blowing away your BAQ starting with the parameters first to see if you can resolve it.

You could try doing a clear client cache to see if that makes any difference before using the earlier extreme approach.

Sorry for not being any more help

Is it possible to have a BAQ by Customer showing the AR Balance on a single line by customer so it would using the following tables.

Customer and InvcHead

But I want to sum the AR balance so I only see the customer once.

Example: Customer Invoice Balance
American Airlines $500,000
Delta Airline $200,000

Thanks in Advance.


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Admittedly, I’m not sure what differences between 9 and 10 there might be. But you should be able to group by Customer and then sum whatever field(s) in the Invoice table(s) you are trying to add up. Probably need to set some criteria on the tables as well like open invoices only, maybe customer type = CUS only, etc.

I would take a look at some of the existing system BAQs for examples. You should be able to see how they are made in E9

Hello Simon,

My version is running on progress database and our system doesn’t have any system BAQ’s to review. So if you can send me an example of something that I can use.

I would appreciate it.



I am on 9.05.702A and have a BAQ that works.

AR-Totals.baq (11.5 KB)

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That’s not a bug!