Sending out Customer statements

We’re trying to figure out a way to send out Customer Statements to multiple customers at the same time.

I was thinking of creating a BAQ report with any and all customers that have a balance > 0, exporting that to Excel and then using mail merge in Word/Outlook to email out the letters.

What do you guys think? Is there a better way besides getting a 3rd party application?

Advanced Print Routing is nice for this…it’s an add on but definitely a part of Epicor.
Another option is Document Sender for Epicor, if you’re interested in using Outlook as your mail client

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We have Document Sender - but I don’t know how to configure it.

Well, once you do configure it, it would be a nice tool to use.

Are you talking about configuring the decollation part or something else? from my experience, it’s an install and regen and that’s about it, at least from a basic config

Yeah, the decollation part. It’s been installed since last year, but the project was put on hold for other priorities. Now it’s back on the docket again but I forget everything we did with Dot Net last year when we set it up.

I tried to get the decollation setup but it’s not intuitive on what needs to be done.

There is a Document Sender User Guide available on the EpicWeb that goes into the configuration for Decollation. I agree, not intuitive, but I don’t think insurmountable. If you follow the instructions and just implement what’s in the guide, I’m sure you’ll get it working

I am currently working on the same things. I am using the SSRS Breaking/Routing in the report style.

With Print Routing, you can also schedule the statements to run automatically.

Add a schedule to the task agent
Use Dynamic Dates
Change the Report Style (assuming you dont add routing rules to default report style, you should never add routing rules to default style).
Ensure Routing is Checked
Change Schedule Option to the schedule you created,
Click Recurring
Click print
I know you didnt ask for how to do this, but while we’re on this topic i though it would be helpful.


I’m in the design portion of the decollation setup and I have no idea how to make the Email RegEx pick up the email address that’s printed on the form. We use a custom Statement form

I clicked on ‘Load Defaults’ for the RegEx formulas but none of them are picking up any of the data. How can I force them to look at the specific fields?

Well, does the customer you’re testing against have an email address?
I’ve tried it with both customers with/without emails on the cust file.

In this case, I have an email address on the customer (this is all loaded with defaults) and this is what it sees:

vs. one without

Does your customer have an email address?

Yes, my customer has an email address and I think that part is working:

Trying to figure out the Filename now because I think that’s mandatory? Because when I click on Test, I get these two error messages:



if you after an email with summary information, i would use a BPM and attach it to a scheduled task to run as per the task setting and send these alerts emails.

Hi Aaron,
Can you please provide a link to the “Document Sender User Guide” please.
it would be greatly appreciated.

Tim, do you have the advanced print routing module?

i don’t know, probably.

You can use that to route documents in a fairly simplified manner.

Do you know how to open the administration console on the application server to check your license for the modules you have?

Welcome to the community by the way.

I set this up a few times, pretty straightforward if you have print routing license. I think i listed the steps above in this thread.
You can also control which customers are emailed by using the “Print Statements” checkbox on the customer.

@TiRi document sender user guide file is 266MB which cannot be uploaded in this space. your best bet is reachout epicor support.

I final got it, thanks very much all.
time to read…