Serial Number Look Up/Customization

We have customers that call us requesting service on generators. The
majority of them do not know the model or serial number of the unit they
need service on. Usually the only information they have is the address where
the unit is located. (It's rare for our customers to have more than one unit
at a location.) We can look up serial numbered units and sort them by
Customer and ShipTo and populate the Serial# or Part# field in Service Call
Entry. Unfortunately to populate both fields you have to either search twice
or manually enter the part number after looking up the serial#. This is a
large problem for us as it requires alot of time and we have to open several
hundred of these calls on a given day. (And the less time we spend looking
things up the better, when you have a customer waiting on the phone.)

What I'm trying to do is simplify the process of looking up the customer's
Ideally, I'd have the Part# and Serial# automatically populate based on the
chosen Customer & ShipTo. A button that does this with a bit of VB would be
suitable as well. If the above aren't feasible a BAQ/Quick Search that will
only list the serial numbers that are present at the chosen address would
be suitable.

I'm running into problems at two points. (Humor me if this is basic, as I'm
not much of a coder.)
1. Making a BAQ that references information selected on the form. Example:
for each SerialNo no-lock , each Customer where (SerialNo.ShipTo = <
Form.Sheet.ShipTo> and SerialNo.CustNum = <Form.Sheet.CustNum>) no-lock by
2. Referencing form/database fields and BAQ's with VB. Example:
ServiceCallEntry.LineDetail.PartNum = variableA
variableA = SerialNo.ShipTo
I assume the second option is possible although I'm not sure about the
first. I've not been able to get much of useful information out of Epicor.
If anyone can give me some pointers regarding this or if you can think of a
better way to do it, you're welcome to drink on my tab next time you're in

John Driggers

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