Serial number tracking cannot be turned on with un-invoiced shipments

When in Site Configuration, I get an error message saying that serial number tracking cannot be turned because there are some un-invoiced shipments.

Does anyone know if this is for shipments pertaining to parts with SN tracking only, or if this is for all shipments? If the former, I guess we stand a chance, and if the latter, then it would be impossible to ever turn on…

If you know or can offer some perspective, I would be glad to hear.

Thank you.

Should only be for the part you are attempting to enable serial tracking.
However, this could be enabled end of day when shipping is complete and you have done your invoicing.

Thank you Jason… I was kinda of arriving at the same answer, because otherwise the utility would be useless, really. But it’s really good to have it confirmed!

Thank you.


For outbound serial number tracking, there must be zero uninvoiced shipment for the site. For ALL parts of the site.
Step 1: So I BAQ’d the uninvoiced shipment, copied to an Excel sheet,
Step 2: with the above spreadsheet, prepared a DMT to mark all these shipments as invoiced. DMT’d it.
Step 3: Turned on outbound serial number tracking (yeah!)
Step 4: used the above DMT file to mark the shipments uninvoiced. DMT’d et voilà.

Did this at a time when I knew there was no one on the system.