Serial Numbers at Job - Assign other than Mask Generator

We have serial assemblies, occasionally we need a serial out of sequence with the mask. Does anyone have a process to generate a serial number, and then assign it to the job, - outside of the serial assignment screen (which forces the use of the mask generator)? I have created the serials in maintenance and associated them (in maintenance) to the job… but these serials are not available in the serial assignment screen. is there a way to create the serial number and have them available for the assignment screen?

Kevin its tricky to do it that way but I have had some success with this

When you create the serial number, assign the status to WIP. Enter the
warehouse and bin you would expect to use for that job (if using AMM)
Complete the job/assembly/sequence fields and then fill in the reference
field with something like (serial number creation)

Then try to see if it is available. In most cases filling out the reference
field works in addition to the other fields

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GREAT TIP!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!