Serial numbers coming up short in Serial Assignment but showing as complete in Job Tracker?

Hello, all. I’m still learning so I apologize if this is a silly question. I’m having issues being able to close jobs due to a incomplete range of serial numbers. (Example: 100 serial numbers needed, only 85 assigned". When pulling up job tracker, all hundred would be there. Looking at our serial number assignment screen we only have eighty five showing. Attempting to assign those missing fifteen, an error is displayed saying the serial number has already been assigned and can not be put towards the job. For clarification, those serial numbers will show on that job number in Job Tracker. I’m trying to figure out how to 1) fix it and 2) prevent this from happening. Please help?

Hi Faye,

What parts are serial tracked in this job?

Kind of hard to tell without seeing what’s going on there. Check all operations have qty completed 100. If not, go to the ones that don’t and complete them (I bet you have at least one with qty completed 85). If it still doesn’t work, you will probably need to change the status of the serial numbers in SN Maintenance. But use that as a last resort - changing SN status is not recommended. Best thing you can do is to update your Pilot/Test and try it there first.