Serialization using 10-2-600

We are going to be using serialization and I have a few questions before we head down that pathway. I know that the prefix has a maximum number of characters (30) and the serial number has a maximum of 40 characters. Our customer is asking that we sue the following format–customer P/N-Customer PO number-date code. The customer PO# can be as long as 12 characters (alphanumeric)

We will be using the alphanumeric style because of the use of both numbers and letters. Here are my questions to start.

  1. Do I need to create a mask? If so do we need to create a mask for each PO
  2. How many characters am I allowed to use? Is it 70 or is it something different? We will be putting on the serial numbers as the last operation before we ship.
  3. When receiving into inventory can we select the range or do we have to enter each one. We could be putting in 25000 numbers per job.
  4. When shipping do we have to enter each serial number or can we select a range?

Definitely play around with the serial number functions in your Test or Pilot database. A few tips:

  • See Company Configuration > Modules > Material > Serial Mask Formats to see the special Mask characters.
  • Go through the Serial Number Tracking Course, it’s very helpful.
  • I really think you will probably need a BPM to meet your requirement of Customer P/N-Customer PO. The date code could use the Masking characters in Company Configuration. You will also need a sequential number

Thank you tis has been helpful

Just curious … Why are the serialized parts going into stock, if they are for a specific PO number?

And will you have issues where you have to match the S/N’s picked for shipment back to the order, where the PO Num is referenced? You might need to customize the Customer Shipment form to show the shipping personnel which S/N’s can be used (to match the PO number on the Order).

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Good point about matching Serial numbers to the PO. We do everything as build to stock.

We have multiple sites that we use. When I go into Company/Site maintenance, Site Configuration, and then I enter the site. Under Inventory management there is the Serial tracking tab. IT is currently set to Outbound Serial Tracking. We have another site that is currently doing things this way because they make the parts direct to a sales order. I try to change the serial tracking option to Full serial tracking bit it tells me that I have parts with serial numbers on hand for this site.

The serial numbers are in another site not mine. I do have the record serial numbers on inventory moves box checked.

Is there QOH of any part that is marked S/N tracked in the site you’re trying to change? If so, you probably need to create and assign S/N’s to all the QOH of affected parts.

What are you using for a unique part of your SN? Based on your first post, the only way you will get serial numbers is if the customer orders 1 part per PO. Should you be using Lots instead?

Thank you. It seems that we marked a part as serial tracking but we do not do it. I had to delete 1200 parts from inventory to get it to work. Multiple lot numbers

I have a follow-up question regarding serial numbers. Is there a way to increase the prefix or suffix from 10 characters to another number