Can I create a serial number with WWYY-XXXX

w = week
y = year
XXXX = 0000 - 9999

You looking for auto generated, or manually created with a rule that they match the format you provided?

preferably auto

manual, I set it to alphanumeric and I can do it.

The WW part would be an issue, as there doesn’t appear to be a Mask holder for Week of year.

If you really need it, a BPM could be used to take the date and calculate the WW.

You could make an auto generated S/N that just holds 4 digits, with a 5 char prefix (to hold the 2 digits for week + 2 digits for the year + the ‘-’).

Then customize the the screens where you generate the numbers, to automatically fill in the prefix based on the date. And maybe allow this prefix to be edited by the user. That way a job that was completed “last week” could have it’s S/N’s generated today.

Looks like you could make a S/N mask with just the 4 digits, and a 5 char prefix.

I’d suggest setting the static prefix in part master to 'WWYY-'. Then you could check for that in a BPM, to determine if the substitution should happen or not.

In a BPM on GetSerialNumFormat, check for SNMaskPrefix == 'WWYY-' and then change it to the week and year.

(The design of the BPM is left as an exercise for the student… :wink: )

@MiguelS were you ever able to get this to work for you? I’m working on a BPM but running into dead ends.