Serialized Assemblies, scrapping from inventory before job is closed

I am finding that if I receive a serialized assembly from a job to inventory, and then scrap it from inventory. when I go to close the job… the job won’t close, it wants a serial number to replace the one that was scrapped from inventory… does not make sense to me. I have to reduce the completions from the job in order to close the job. Anyone else find a resolution for this?

so… you have a job for one part… assign one serial number… receive one part to stock (with serial number)… scrap that part, and now you can’t close the job? THAT sounds like “bad software behavior” (ie… working as programmed) :grin:
Did you try the same set of transactions, only closing FIRST before you scrap the one part? It should NOT matter the sequence of events… if it works one way but not the other, then please report this to tech support.

Yes, closing before scrapping works fine - every time.
Scrapping before close (via nonconformance, inspection processing, DMR, shows serial as “Scrapped” in Serial Assignment screen, so job wants another serial # to replace the scrapped one). I tried this multiple times in a test environment.

Did you try reducing the job qty? Whenever you do a scrap, EPICOR does not reduces the qty of the job automatically.


We start with Serialized job assemblies. when we non-conform the operation, then process through Inspection to DMR… and scrap from the DMR -Epicor will expect 1 less serial number at job closing… If job was for 3 assemblies (SN 1, 2, 3) and we scrapped #2 via scrap of operation… then the job will be fine closing for production qty of 3, but completed/recieved qty of 2.

—But if I received all 3 to stock, then scrapped #2 from inventory - AND then tried to close the job… it would be 1 serial short… (the serial shows as scrapped in the serial assignment screen) - seems odd, but I tested it out.