Server, services, and task agent startup sequence

I find myself having to launch the Epicor Admin Console and manually cycle the task agents after IT does some server maintenance, in order for printing to work.

We wave separate servers for the App and DB, and IT will do maintenance that requires restarting the one or the other (or both).

Is there a required startup sequence so that no manual interaction is required?

It looks like everything is fine as long as the DB server is up and running prior to the App server starting.

If the DB server restarts, it seems that the Task Agents must be stopped and started in order for printing to work (I guess restarting the Task Agent Service would work too). Is there any way to avoid this manual interaction? Can a task be scheduled on the DB server to restart the ICE Task Agent Service on the App server (say 5 minutes after the DB server has restarted)?

We have similar problems on 10.1.500.19 with the print preview failing. Usually it resolves with an app pool reset.

In general, the order of operations:

  1. SQL server instance has to be available and the Epicor transactional database must be accessible.
  2. The IIS appserver processes must be running and warmed up i.e. the w3wp processes have ~ 1GB of private memory per process. NOTE: In IIS Manager, right-click on the Application Pools > Advanced and make sure that your production/live appservers are configured to Auto-start.
  3. The TaskAgent server / TaskAgent configuration can be started once connections to the appserver can occur. One way to give the rest of the processes enough time to make that happen is to set the Epicor ICE TaskAgent service is set to automatic-delayed in Windows services.

All of these components can be restarted via a PowerShell / batch script to make sure they are spun up in the correct order.

But, I would say that if your IT does some server maintenance during business hours that it would be recommended that they do it off hours instead.

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Thanks for the info.

IT does do server maintenance off hours. But the need to restart the Task Agents seems to depend on the order they bring the SQL server and APP servers up. These servers are both VM Ware instances, so if the physical box is re-booted, the timing between those two servers is a race condition.

Could you share the Power Shell script?

Regarding #2, I don’t see the where the Auto-Start is selected.

Right click on “Application Pools” yields:


Right clicking a specific App pool give me:


The Basic settings has a “Start App Immediately” check box, but no Auto-Start

The Advanced settings has a “Start Mode”, but it’s options are as shown below.

Thanks again,

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Ditto problems on many installs. Would be great to know if there is any automatic mechanism to manage this situation.