Server Sizing Confusion

So I was looking into the Kinetic Hardware Sizing Guide and came upon this for virtual sizing which confuses me for the sizing on both the App and Database side.

Does the numbering in Interactive, Reporting and Integrations refers to the number of application pool or VM? I am assuming Reporting is the SSRS? Because other than the 100 user the rest of the users counts correctly to the Total VM. :thinking:

In the Database side, starting at 50 they put 2 VM total. How does this work exactly? Can anyone help shed light for this?

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Mei Mei

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I would first determine how many active users you are sizing for. That number will help you figure out which table to use in the guide. Lot of variables at play when it comes to hardware sizing but typically I see companies who are on prem with less than 50 users purchase a single host and then run at least 3 VMs on it at a minimum. 1 VM is Production(single app pool for Prod), 1 VM is Test(which can have mutliple app pools on it based on number of environments you create, Test, Pilot, etc.), and the other is for the DB and SSRS.