Service Connect Conditional Functoid

Shoot, I might see the error. I’m not setting the bin in the PreUpdate.
Stand by.
Service Connect is such a fickle mistress…

Nevermind… I didn’t think that through. I’m setting the bin in the conversion in the beginning which should flow all the way through, should it not?

Ignore the bottom two. They’re not hooked up to anything.

It should “flow through” assuming that the BO sends them back with every response. May not hurt to map them at the end… before the update call just in case.

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Success! Remapping at the end did the trick.

My last question, lol…
How can I take a date in any format in the CSV and convert it to the format that SC likes?
I tried the below, but it blows up on me.


“ANY FORMAT” is going to be an issue… what does the date in your CSV look like… it needs to be consistent. Then you can use the data from String function

Originally, I went with the 3/2/2018 format.
The only way I could get SC to work was to switch it to 2018-03-02 in the CSV.
I couldn’t get the functoid to do that conversion for me.