Service Connect Input Channels

Any service connect users out there ever experienced input channels suddenly going to disabled status and ceasing to function ? How did you resolve it ?

Never seen that, however did you recently restore the workflow package from a backup?

No. We were in the process of resubmitting a failed transaction when it happened

channels will commonly get deactivated when they choke on something that triggers an error. You can view this in the event log in the Admin console. I don’t recall what the time out period is before it will reset, but it should reset, tho i do recall some very few exceptions where you had to re-enable it manually.

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What @rbucek said about it becoming Inactive due to the workflow choking on something has usually been my experience but there have been some cases when I’ve had to delete the Input channel (of course keep track of the original’s settings before deleting) and re-created it. Especially if it was an Input channel that was exported/imported from another Service Connect instance.

So it turns out that the folder containing the configuration files for the converters had somehow been deleted. Restoring from a backup resolved the problem, all working again now.