Service Connect - UD Fields with Data in SC show BLANK in Query


Was wondering if someone could please help with my Order Entry Service Connect workflow…?

I’ve updated several OrderRel.ShortCharXX fields using Service Connect and it looks like the information got placed in the fields and saved successfully without Error:

This screenshot shows the SalesOrderImpl.UpdateExistingOrder .NET Reference processed with no Error:

This shows the SalesOrderImpl.UpdateExistingOrder - OrderRel.ShortCharXX fields with the appropriate data in them:

Yet when I run a Query for that particular Sales Order…I get No Data in the OrderRel.ShortCharXX fields:

My Query contains ONLY the OrderRel table and my Criteria is OrderNum = XXXXXX:

Could someone please explain to me why I can’t see the data in the ShortCharXX fields in my Query even after it looks like Service Connect added data to them? Is Service Connect maybe not finding the associated OrderRel_UD Table and possibly using the wrong UD_SysRevID (I was assuming this is what points to the _UD table)?

I would appreciate any help you can provide on this mystery… :mag::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you!

RowMod set to U ?

Yes! :wink::+1: Sorry, forgot to mention that.

I even tried an A for giggles…But still no luck. :confused:

Probably another silly question…
Did you do a trace using the UI to change the order? Did it do an additional Update after the UpdateExistingOrder?

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Not a silly question AT ALL…I’m sure I’m probably doing something silly myself. :blush:

I am actually rebuilding this for E10 from my E9 Service Connect Workflow. I did perform a conversion on the WF and a trace in E10 but not on this particular part of the process…that is a very good point (and now I feel silly…LOL). Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try a trace and see what it reveals as far as entering data into these ShortChar (_UD) fields and see if that will guide me on the correct .NET references and setup. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks for guiding me in this direction! :slight_smile:

You must use a little trick here!. Use the UpdateExistingOrder twice, the first time, the method add the new row to the release’s table using default data of method itself, after you must use a new step using UpdateExistingOrder again passing your modified data

The cause of the problem is the UpdateExistingOrder Method when is adding the New release row is use his own data, the method is not considering any data that you pass to the release table of the dataset, for that you must use the method twice one for create the new release row and the other for update your data

Hi @Jaicker_Avila,

Thank you for the suggestions! That does make sense that using the UpdateExistingOrder method twice would work and why. But I was able to get it working by using just the SalesOrderImpl.MasterUpdate .NET Reference (setting TableName = OrderRel) which is what my Trace in E10 revealed. :wink:

I really appreciate you reaching out and the helpful suggestions! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Well @bw2868bond, that worked! Thank you SO MUCH!

It was back to basic Service Connect 101…TRUST in the TRACE! :wink:

The trace revealed that updating those ShortCharXX fields was just a matter of calling the SalesOrderImpl.MasterUpdate .NET reference using TableName = OrderRel.

I get SO confused between MasterUpdate and UpdateExistingOrder and Update and UpdateExt but I guess if I just re-create the Trace I’ll get it right, I hope! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks again for the help! I think it was a case of staring at this thing for toooooo long without a break. :crazy_face:

Just a thought, I wonder, could there be OrderRel_UD records out there floating around that aren’t connected to my OrderRel record? Was the UpdateExistingOrder process that I was running in Service Connect actually saving records out there or did it just look like there was a record but it was never really saving anything in the database?

I only tested this a handful of times but I wonder how you would know? You can’t really query off of the OrderRel_UD table…it’s just all kind of combined into one table in a Query. I tried searching for OrderRel.ShortChar02 = XXXX and no other Criteria but nothing came up. So, I hope that’s a good sign that there aren’t any ghost records floating out there somewhere… :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:

I have a SC workflow that automagically creates AP Invoices for select Suppliers. When we ‘upgraded’ from 10.0.4xx to 10.1.5xx the workflow still worked but in re-examining the trace, I found I could remove a bunch of conversions and method calls and make a cleaner workflow :slight_smile:

Every once in a while, even a blind squirrel finds a nut……

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Update and MasterUpdate methods are disabled for Service Connect, only UpdateExt, this method run GetNew and Update at the same time to facilitated the workflow design

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