Service References in E10 - Where Are They?

I am bringing up E9 Service Connect solutions to E10. These E9 solutions use Webservices. I want to continue using Webservices in E10, but I cannot locate them anywhere. On E9, they’re typically located (physically) at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\EpicorServices. On E10, I cannot find an EpicorServices folder. I was hoping someone could share with me the “typical” location of the Epicor Webservices. I did not do the install, perhaps they were never brought over? I’m a bit lost here and hoping someone can shed light on this situation.

Are you talking about a WCF web service? On my box they are located:


Hello, Thank you for the reply. Yes, the Webservices that Service Connect can utilize. The strange thing is, on the machine I’m working in, there are no other folders in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ … Perhaps the install was done incorrectly?

I’ve seen SC installs that use a different physical than that. In IIS, what does the Scshost site say about where the physical directory is?

I’ve not used ESC with E10 yet, but I believe you need to do a client install on the ESC box and reference the BO DLLs inside the client directory. The Web services are broken up into ‘mirrored’ DLLs on the client and appserver’s c:\intepub\wwwroot directory. The client has the BO service definition which is what ESC needs to reference. Pretty sure on this, but I may be incorrect.

The scshost lists the IP for the box I’m searching through. Nothing else. Is something perhaps missing there?

I’m confused. You’re saying that there isn’t a physical path here?

Hello, sorry. Yes, mine points to that same physical location.

Hi Everyone,

In Epicor 9, you can install the Web Services (WSE) and/or the WCF Services anywhere you want (physical location) and name the Virtual Directory as you wish, so the name of the directories could be different on every installation, however, the Defaults are “EpicorServices” and “EpicorWCFServices” and the Port is the environment it points to (Live, Test, Pilot, Train).

These are the Web Services used by Epicor Service Connect (ESC) Jeremy is talking about.


For example, here is the Web Services installer

And here the WCF Services installer

And under Utilities folder of the Epicor905 folder, you can find their respective Tester tools

In Epicor 10, the (WCF) Web Services are installed by default as part of the Epicor 10 installation under your IIS Website physical directory.

Open your internet browser and paste the URL with the Service.svc you need.

Once you get the URL of the service(s), go to ESC and Add Service Reference.

Enter the params

And follow the instructions.

REST services, which are the preferred way to interface with Epicor 10.2 should be registered from a separate menu under your ESC Admin Console


Then you need to enter the REST URL of for your API v1 (v2 I haven’t) if you don’t know the URL look for examples on other posts.

Hope that helps!



Hello everyone. Thanks again for all your help. I marked the post above as the solution as this covers all bases for what I needed.

For me, long story short, the WebServices were never installed :grinning: which is why I couldn’t find them :joy:

Just to ensure you understand some E9 vs E10 aspects…

In E9, you needed to deploy the WCF / WSE services.
In E10, EVERYTHING is a service. WCF were the original services and since 10.2, REST services are also available as alternatives. Choose what makes sense for you :slight_smile:

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